We're very fortunate in the Grand Junction area when it comes to extreme weather. No hurricanes here. If we have an earthquake, it's barely strong enough to wake up a squirrel. Kansas and Oklahoma would laugh at us if we complained about the rare tornadoes that we experience. Flash flooding is a completely different story though. Just ask the residents of Naturita.

Thanks to the Colorado River, Plateau, Buzzard Creek, West, Roan and Mesa Creeks, flash flooding can affect just about every part of our area when one of the big thunderstorms comes over the mesa. With that in mind, here are five things to never do in the event you get caught in a flash flood area.

5. Drive down to look at the river or a creek. You would think this would be an obvious no-no, but it's amazing how many people will stupidly drive down to a bridge when the water rises. They don't realize the bridge they're on may be the next thing to disappear (along with them).

4. Start playing with electricity if your home is affected by a flash flood. Breaking news. If water starts coming in or even gets near your home, that is not the time to start charging your phone or make some toast. Water and electricity don't play well together and there are things you can do prior to a possible flash flood to make your home safer.

3. Ignore evacuation orders. If authorities advise you leave because of a flash flood emergency, it would be a good idea to listen to them.

2. Decide that the flash flood is your chance to learn how to surf. We are always encouraging people to get a new hobby. Surfing during a flash flood isn't one of them but unbelievably, it has happened.

1. Drive through flood water on a roadway. You may have an amazing off-road vehicle. No matter, it's no match for the power of flood water. This is without a doubt the most stupid thing you could do in a flash flood.

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