The polls are going crazy as we end the primary campaign and launch into the home stretch of the election year and the beginning of Donald vs Hillary. Which poll can  you believe?

The question of Donald Trump (or some other Republican candidate) or Hillary Clinton will be answered in November, but the pollsters are working overtime to make sure the media has something to talk about between now and then.

One day, Hillary is leading a poll  by 12 percentage points, and then two days later another poll shows Donald has momentum and has closed the gap to single digits and we read that things are swinging in his favor. The next day we read that Hillary is strengthening her lead and Donald is faltering.

My opinion is that you can't believe the polls any more than  you can believe either of the two primary presidential candidates.

It seems like a lot of  people are becoming more and more disenchanted with both candidates. Hillary and Donald both have plenty of baggage they are bringing to the political table leaving voters with a difficult decision.

We are doing a candidate poll - not to predict the outcome of the election but rather to measure the sentiment in Western Colorado about the candidates. We want to know what our friends and neighbors and listeners are thinking right now. It might be fun to do another poll in October and compare the results.

Can we trust Hillary? Can we believe Donald?

Cast your vote below and then be listening to the radio as we share the results of our listener poll over the next several days.

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