So, it's safe to say that things are weird and getting weirder for Randy Quaid. You remember Randy, right? He had a big role about 17 years ago in Independence Day. And, well, he hasn't really been doing anything since then aside from posting weird stuff on social media.

Quaid and his wife are convinced that there's a gang of "star whackers" that are out to kill Hollywood's elite (not sure why they're concerned). They also make fake pornos while wearing Rupert Murdoch masks. And then there's this...

Recently, Quaid posted a short video of himself screaming, "Hell no, Bernie.  We won't vote for 'Emaillery!'"  Apparently, "Emaillery" is what Quaid calls Hillary Clinton. Get it? Email scandal? Hillary? It kind of works.

Is anyone else as shocked as we are that Randy Quaid is still around?

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