If you've lived in Denver, you know that today, March 3 is 303 Day. The name comes from the main area code in the Denver metro area and is celebrated with a bunch of food and drink specials and events, most of which are free. However, even though as Western Colorado residents we love our state, it doesn't feel right celebrating an area code that is four hours away.

Now hear me out, what if we on the western slope celebrated September 7 or 970 Day? Here's how we could do it:

Food and Drink Specials

Illegal Pete's in Denver offers $3.03 burritos on 303 Day and offers free headshots. Perhaps our local restaurants could offer a meal and a beer for $9.70? This could be easily replicated.

Art Exhibits

The Clyfford Still Museum puts on a free art exhibit, why couldn't we do something similar at, say, Red Lion Gallery and Studio?

Film Festival

The Sie Film Center in Denver hosts a free screening of locally produced short films on 303 Day, something that would go over great at The Avalon Theater on 970 Day.


Now, this one isn't free, but it's going to be a lot of fun. Colorado band 3OH!3 will be playing at the Mission Ballroom, in celebration of 303 Day, something we could definitely do at The Mesa Theater with our own local bands.

Poetry Reading

Finally, Mutiny Information Cafe in Denver is hosting a poetry series, which is technically free but a $5 donation is suggested. There are plenty of venues that could accommodate something like this in Grand Junction.

So what do you say? Would September 7 be the ideal day to celebrate a 970 Day? I feel like we should make this happen.

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