Western Colorado offers several fun activities that burn calories.

It's the New Year and once again America's #1 resolution is to lose weight and get in shape. Good news is that here on the western slope that doesn't necessarily mean hours in the gym. Matter of fact, there are several great ways to burn a ton of calories and do it all while you're enjoying the great western Colorado outdoors.

1) Hiking- I think we all know that it's good to get out and take a walk but did you know that you can burn about 420 calories an hour hiking? That, of course, varies depending on the elevation change and how long of a hike you take but with so many quality hikes around Grand Junction you can mix it up and take in different scenery and shed a few pounds at the same time.

2) Skiing- Of course skiing requires the equipment, some travel, and ability to do but if you're a skier there are few other things that burn as many calories and is as much fun. Regular skiing burns about 422 calories an hour whereas cross-country skiing burns about 560.

3) Mountain biking- Again, an activity that requires proper equipment and some travel but well worth the effort. The Fruita-Grand Junction-Delta area is ground zero for some of the best mountain biking in the US. With a bike and a short drive, you can start burning 600 calories an hour and peddle your way to weight loss.

4) Cycling- Your standard 10-speed bike can do the trick here and no need to go anywhere but out your front door. There are bike lanes on nearly every street in town and of course great bike trails along the river and all around GrandJunction. Except to burn about 700 calories an hour while riding around town.

5) Running- Very little equipment required here. A pair of quality running shoes and you're in business. Many of those same biking and hiking trails make great spots to run as well. This activity is one of the best when it comes to burning calories. If you keep your pace at about a 10-minute mile time you can burn over 700 calories an hour.

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