Car enthusiasts were out in force this weekend as a local business celebrated its grand re-opening. Members of the Wheels West Car Club showcased vehicles from a 1957 Thunderbird to a phenomenally patriotic truck. Get your fix of classic car eye-candy with these highlights from the show.

From time to time you'll see the Wheels West Car Club out and about with an awesome display of collectible cars. In this case, the show was free and open to the public, all part of the grand re-opening of Car Tech Automotive on the I-70 B.

Vehicles on display ranged from awesome, to flawless, to jaw dropping, to flat out magnificent. According to, the Wheels West Car Club was founded in 1981. At any given time, the club has roughly 120 members.

If you're interested in joining this particular club, click through the link, and it will direct you to the contact person.

The next time the Wheels West Car Club puts on a show, make a point to attend. The members are friendly, the cars are fantastic, and you'll probably see the car of your dreams.