If you are one of those guys who drinks to get drunk and not necessarily because you love how alcohol tastes, you know the guy who drinks 151, a sh**-ton of PBR, or rubbing alcohol? Man, do we have something for you! Declared by alcoholic junkies as world’s strongest beer, we present to you... Snake Venom

Snake Venom is the product of Scottish brewery Brewmeister, which has upped the ante from its previous record-holding concoction, the 65 percent alcohol by volume Armageddon, to the 67.5 ABV Snake Venom (vodka, by comparison, is typically 80 proof, or 40 per cent alcohol).

It’s so potent it comes with a yellow warning/death label wrapped around the top. One beer is equivalent to 15 shots, so literal snake venom might actually be healthier for you in the end.

You can get ya some for roughly $80, that is, if this legal poison can get past customs.