Colorado deer are possibly the most polite deer ever. Watch as the deer pause, and then cross the street using the crosswalk.

Animals in Colorado just seem to be different from the rest. They're smart and extremely polite. Just recently a moose was seen using a crosswalk in Breckenridge, just like his mama taught him.

The Breckenridge moose pays no mind to the driver, roundabout, or anything else other than using the crosswalk, and going home.

Now we have another example of just how courteous our animals in Colorado are. These deer were spotted at an intersection in Colorado Springs. Watch the deer pause for a moment, and then continue to walk across the street using the crosswalk.

The three deer keep pace with each other, making sure no deer gets left behind. There are lots and lots of cars driving by and waiting at the stoplight, but the deer remain calm, cool and collected.

Watch these Colorado deer politely make their way across the road using the crosswalk below. I'm glad someone was able to record our extremely polite deer and possibly set an example for other deer to use crosswalks too.

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