Warmer weather has rattlesnakes emerging all across Colorado.

Hikers beware!  All fall and winter long you've been hitting the hiking and jogging trails with little concern. Suddenly, we get a few 80+ degree days and guess who's back? Venomous rattlesnakes. Two persons have already been bitten over on the front range.

One woman was bitten on the ankle by a rattlesnake inside Ute Valley Park just last week and another woman was bitten at The Garden of the Gods the weekend before. Both survived but let's face it, nothing can ruin one's day like a snake bite especially if you're hiking a remote trail alone.

In case you didn't know, more than 20 kinds of snakes live in Colorado. However, rattlers are the state's only venomous variety. As cold-blooded creatures, snakes are especially sensitive to temperature change. With the recent warmer weather, rattlesnakes are emerging from their underground dens. More snakes mean more encounters with hikers on popular trails in and around town.

The risk of getting bit is slim and only one person has died of a snakebite in Colorado since 2014. However, it's best to be cautious and keep an eye on the ground as you make that hike or jog down the trail. Rattlesnakes are back and it takes just a split second for one to strike and ruin your day.

Credit: Denver7 

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