Garden of the Gods has lots and lots of different kinds of animals from bears to elk. Someone recently spotted a hyena at the Garden of the Gods, or so they say.

Actual report Colo State Patrol relayed to CPW @ 7 p.m. on Thursday: "Reporting party reported that he saw a hyena in fron of the Garden of the Gods Trading Post - it ran in front of him." Is there a Garden of the Gods trading post in Africa where hyenas live?

It's pretty obvious that neither Colorado State Patrol or CPW are taking this hyena spotting seriously. I doubt there are hyenas running wild in Colorado Springs, or anywhere in Colorado

Someone commented on the post stating they have seen a very strange looking coyote around the Garden of the Gods. Maybe this hyena is actually just a really unique coyote.

Whatever the animal actually is, this person swore they saw a hyena and we can almost promise you that you didn't.

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