Bears are beginning to take on calories in preparation for winter.

There are not many things scarier than a hungry bear. Every fall bears are looking to eat more than ever. The experts at Colorado Parks & Wildlife say the bears are beginning what's called “hyperphagia.” It's when bears starting consuming more calories in preparation for their long winter's nap. Black bears are trying to take in a whopping 20,000 calories a day before they hybernate.

Lucky for us we're not on the bear's menu. However, they will be more active and on the move searching for that next meal. That does mean the possibility of more encounters with humans. “It just means they are more active, and they are covering more ground trying to find more food sources, more and better food sources. Bears are opportunists, they really want the easiest meal they can get," says District Wildlife Manager for CP&W, Ryan Swygman.

So when you're out on your daily walk, a hike, or hunting this fall, use extra caution. CP&W says if you encounter a bear, make yourself appear as large as possible. Get loud and make lots of noise. In most cases this will be enough to send a bear on its way. The possibility of bear encounters continues through mid to late October. That's usually when bears start their hibernation process.

For more information on bears and their activities, click HERE.

Credit: KKCO11News 

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