With the last few days of heavy snowfall, many of us have spent hours clearing our driveways.

Some are lucky enough to have a snowblower (or like us a skidsteer) but the majority of people are stuck using shovels to clear their driveway.

While Timothy Browning lives in Kentucky, not Wyoming, I can definitely see more than a few of our local Casperites trying this handy trick out.

In case this video really did inspire you you can purchase a flamethrower of your very own from Amazon.com for under $300.00.

And yes if you thought that Browning resembled a certain popular character from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation you're correct.

He dressed up like Cousin Eddie to add an extra bit of flare (pun intended) to this hilarious video.

When asked why he dressed up for the video Brownign said "I thought it'd be funny for a video and wanted to clear off the under layer of ice on the driveway."

And it was indeed a beer that he chugged and tossed to the side at the beginning of the video.

While I can't exactly condone this method, if you decided to try it we'd sure love to see your video.

You can send it to us using the free My Country Mobile App.

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