You never know what might happen near Boulder, Colorado. Sometimes things just...happen. That's the best way I know to explain why this Colorado guy is playing a banjo concert for a wild fox.

Thanks to Laughing Squid for this entertaining catch. They noticed that Andy Thorn had a very strange audience of the fox kind. Andy is really going to town on the banjo and the wild fox looks mighty impressed, but there's a controversy over this one. More on that in a moment. First, behold this foxy banjo show.

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One of the comments on YouTube questions the validity of this "nature" performance:

alfwok - "He has other videos where he's playing for his "pet fox" that looks exactly like this fox. Now I love me some old time clawhammer banjo but I hate being lied to. lol"

Andy says this is just a wild fox that has become his buddy leading him to craft this ode to all things foxy.

I find the name of the person who commented on YouTube to be...curious.

Cody Coyote - "I need a 10 hour loop of this or on Spotify looped"

Cody COYOTE? Really? You can't make this kind of stuff up.

As for me, I'd like to offer the fox an alternative to Andy's admittedly fine banjo playing. Mr. Fox, meet Mr. Hendrix.

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