High school graduation is a big milestone for teenagers. It's a big relief that after 12 long years of schooling, you're finally stepping into adulthood.

Of course, it's a moment of pride for parents, and most shout and cheer when their kids walk across the stage. At the high school In Senatobia, Mississippi, the school asked parents to withhold their applause and cheers until after all the names were read. Some folks didn't honor that request. 

Ursula Miller could not contain her excitement and cheered when her daughter crossed the stage. She was was then asked to leave for disturbing the peace. Then, the superintendent of the school system then filed "disturbing the peace" charges against the parents and officers issued warrants for their arrest with a possible $500 bond.

Yes, if every parent ignored the rule graduation would take about two hours longer, but a warning would do.

Apparently this school is on a power trip and hopefully this family has no other kid in the school system.