Guess who thinks these look yummy too? Your pets. Did you know that pot is toxic to dog and cats?

One of the consequences of legal weed and the availability of eatables is the increase in accidental overdoses of pets. Vets have known for some time now that weed, more specific THC, is toxic to pets. Especially dogs. And brownies can be a double whammy. Chocolate is toxic to dogs too and some sugar-free substitutes can kill a dog in just minutes.

Some of you may be wondering about the "pot for pets" products that are flooding the market. Those are mainly made from hemp and it's the CBD that can be beneficial for some dogs and their joint pain. Most have only a trace of THC.

The fact is that dog pot poisoning is on the rise in Colorado and other states where weed is more readily available. Please help keep Fido safe and healthy by keeping the weed locked up and stashed high on a shelf.


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