Emergency crews in Vail rescued a suicidal woman from jumping off of a cliff yesterday afternoon. It took the crews four hours to get the woman off of the cliff.

Emergency crews received a report about a suicidal woman trapped on a cliff at 12:45 p.m. yesterday, November 11. According to Vail Daily, the woman was trapped on an 80-foot cliff on Red Stone Road aka Piney Road.

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Crews first located the woman, then descended 400 feet to the bottom of the canyon, crossed Red Sandstone Creek and then climbed hundreds of feet to contact her. They tried convincing the woman to move away from the ledge, which thankfully, she did.

A Vail Mountain Rescue crew member climbed above her, then rappelled down the cliff to be face to face with her, according to Vail Daily. Crews then lowered the woman to the bottom of the canyon and helped her climb out.

Crews overcame super cold temperatures, icy slopes and falling rock to save the woman. The rescue took four hours and lots of help from different crews from the Vail Fire Department, Vail Mountain Rescue, Vail Police Department, Vail Public Safety Community Center, and Eagle County Paramedic Services too.

Thankfully, crews were able to save the woman and stop her from committing suicide. Although it may seem like things could never get better, they can and they will. Click here to find out more about the rescue and the suicide rate in Eagle county.

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