I know you guys take much pride from living in Colorado. You should. It's a beautiful place. The neighbor's to the west have a pretty cool state too.

I've made a few trips to Utah since moving here 6 months ago. Every time I roll through that place I come across something new and breathtaking.

I've always been a fan of the west. I remember as a kid riding along on those family vacations with my eyes out the window the entire time (didn't have a digital device to distract us back then). I was mesmerized by the beauty and the incredible difference from all the green and trees back in Missouri.

Even today at my "advanced" age I still love road-tripping through the west. It's been months of discovery for me since moving here and I've enjoyed every minute. I stuck my phone out the window a few times over the weekend. Please take a few minutes and click through this gallery. Perhaps you'll recognize a few of these landmarks from the neighbors to the west. Happy trails.

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