North America will host the 2026 World Cup

The soccer super-event is set to return to the US for the first time since 1994. Canada, Mexico, and the US will host the 48-team tournament with Denver likely hostings as many as 60 of the games played in the states. North America's commitment of $14 billion certainly helped seal the deal. The finals look to be held at New York's MetLife Stadium.

The question is, "Does anyone really care about the FIFA World Cup?" I know that "football" or soccer as it's known in the US, is a growing sport with pro teams now in most larger markets, it's still small potatoes compared to "American football." Denver's economy will certainly benefit from hosting the tournament but for most living in Colorado, I don't think it means that much. The NFL and the Denver Broncos are everything here. I was in Denver last weekend and the local news was doing a special about a mini-camp. If the Broncos are still the top sports story in early June, you have a football-obsessed city.

The good news is that World Cup fans are passionate and will be here to support their teams. That will bring dollars to Denver and the surrounding communities. WIll the locals care? I'm not so sure.

Credit: Fox31  

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