It’s always exciting to hear of new television shows and movies that choose to shoot their scene here in beautiful Colorado, and according to The Know, we have another TV pilot that will begin shooting this summer. The show is still untitled at this point being produced by NBC Universal. The idea behind the new project will be about an Indigenous Colorado woman with shooting for the TV pilot expected to take place in Denver as well as Durango, Colorado.

The project is still very early on in fact they don’t even know who is going to be playing the starring role of this Indigenous Colorado woman who the show will be based around. Some close to the TV Pilot are saying that whoever gets cast will probably be an unknown actor. But we did hear that beyond just Durango there will be other scenes that are filmed around Montezuma County this summer.

This Will Be the Biggest Network Series Produced in Colorado

It’s obviously a huge task to take on the biggest network series produced in Colorado but it’s going to be very exciting to see this project move forward, and ultimately see the final product. The NBC Pilot is expected to spend close to 7.8 million dollars in the state of Colorado.

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More of the Story About the new TV Pilot Being Filmed in Colorado This Summer

The story was written and produced by William Jehu Garroutte and follows the character Alex King who is an Indigenous Woman from a southwest Colorado tribe who gets involved in Denver politics and eventually ends up running for a U.S. Senate seat.

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