If he's not welcomed in Breckenridge, perhaps someplace else will adopt him.

At this weeks council meeting, the City of Breckenridge voted to remove Isak Hearthstone. Danish artist Thomas Dambo created the now famous troll after the Breckenridge Creative Arts District commissioned him to build it for the Breckenridge International Festival of Arts back in August. He's constructed other such creations the world over. Each is assembled from local scrap wood.

After Tuesday's city council decision Thomas took to Facebook pleading for his trolls survival. "HELP ME SAVE ISAK HEARTSTONE!!" "Isak Hearthstone is part of a series that now counts 40 recycled trolls, that sit in nature all around the world. I make these sculptures out of local scrap wood, with the help of local volunteers. To show the world how much potential and beauty lay hidden in our trash. Isak got his name after 3 local girls came and gave me a heart shaped rock, that we together built into his chest - and thus his name came to be. Isak Heartstone sits on a hiking trail in the out skirts of the beautifull ski and hiking town Breckenridge. I made it 3 months ago and since then it has become so popular that it has created problems, problems the city council finds so severe - they now have voted to break Isak Hearthstone down." Read the rest of Thomas Dambo's comments HERE.

Since it appears the troll will be removed from the Breckenridge hiking trail, perhaps another community will take him? Breckenridge saw a significant increase in tourist traffic since his arrival. So much, that locals living in the area asked for his removal. Would an area park or trail benefit from having Isak Hearthstone around? Perhaps someplace in the Grand Valley? The drier climate may prove beneficial to Isak's health and extend his life expectancy beyond the 3 years his creator estimated.

I say "Save Isak!" He's cool and deserving of a new home. The clocks ticking...town employees started removing the 15-foot tall troll on Thursday.

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