Toys 'R' Us is closing or selling all 735 of their nationwide stores, according to CNN. Unfortunately that means over 30,000 employees will be laid off. It also means all of great times you've had at Toys 'R' Us are now coming to an end.

My best memory and favorite part was the rush of excitement as you walk in the front doors of Toys 'R' Us. I'll miss feeling like my options are endless. Anything is possible in Toys 'R' Us, you could walk out with a video game, a doll or an inflatable pool.

For some reason I always aimed for the inflatable pool, but never got it. I do have one sad memory at Toys 'R' Us. When I was a kid my mom wanted to stop here to pick up a birthday present for some friend's sister's kid. We walk into Toys 'R' Us, grab the present, buy it, and leave.

My heart hurt as I longingly gazed at the aisles upon aisles of toys. The whole time I was wishing my mom would let me choose only one. How could she be so cruel? It felt like torture at the time.

I'd say that's my worst Toys 'R' Us memory and the rest, are very happy, excited ones. What's a Toys 'R' Us memory of yours? Best memories, worst memories and all memories are welcome.

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