Tope Elementary School in Grand Junction just broke ground on their new playground. The playground will be up and ready by the start of the school year.

District 51 has been making some major improvements lately. They've built a whole new middle school, Orchard Mesa Middle School, built two new gyms, have updated their curriculum and have done countless repairs. Tope Elementary School is only adding to the new and improved list.

Tope Elementary School celebrated their last day of school by breaking ground on a brand new playground. The playground was actually a part of their curriculum, according to District 51's Facebook this is what the first-graders had to do:

As a part of a class project, they thought of ways to solve the problem of having a hot playground. They looked at other playgrounds for inspiration, spoke to construction and design professionals, and made a prototype.

Everyone at Tope Elementary School looks very excited about the new playground. Tope Elementary School's new playground will have:

  • Shade structures
  • New Swings
  • New Track
  • Replace rocks with wood chips
  • Replace old, metal equipment with new climbing and play structures

I can't wait to see what Tope Elementary School's new playground will look like, and I know the first-graders, the school and all of D51 can't wait either.

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