The new year brings changes in many peoples lives, some good and some bad. A new year also kicks off a new season for weddings to give brides-to-be time to plan the one day of their life that is supposed to be 'perfect'. She wants you to help, be helpful and help her make your wedding kick ass with your suggestions.(If she questions you just tell her you saw it on Pinterest!)

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    Tickets and VIP Passes

    Instead of spending money on expensive paper, which will most likely get thrown away, do something different. You can order, or make your own. tickets to your wedding and VIP Passes instead of fancy invitations. The bonus is that it will help keep out those unwanted guests and wedding crashers.

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    Black, Skulls and Dead Animlas

    Save time(and her freaking out) on picking out and coordinating colors by going with black. It goes with everything, including white, and is classy. Get some skull candles and other skull accessories to darken it up a bit and you're good to go. If you're really brave add some taxidermy centerpieces.

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    Dead Flowers

    Wedding flowers are expensive and most feature more than a bouquet. Women love tons of flowers at their wedding. No matter how much money you throw down on flowers, or how nice they are, they will die. So skip that step and get a bunch of cheap flowers or roses and let them die. Plus you can always keep some to remember your day.

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    Guitar Picks, Shot Glasses and Zippos

    Your bride is going to want to get guests wedding favors. She is also going to want to put your names on everything. Take care of both by getting some custom cool stuff made on the cheap like guitar picks, lighters and shot glasses. The best part is after the wedding you have a lifetime supply of custom shot glasses.
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    Tattoos and Blood

    There is no better way to prove to your lady she's the one for the rest of your life than a tattoo wedding ring. You can even make it part of the ceremony if you want. Plus she won't have to worry about you being at the bar pretending you're single. Follow it up by signing the marriage certificate in your own blood.

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