The 13th annual “Homeless for the Holidays” is in the books and here are the results from the Smack Down.

Tom the banker and I had a little competition on who could raise more food for the Community Food Bank and as we all know I lost. I had to get a hair cut, which I haven’t done in a few years. Had I beat Tom he would have had to get his first tattoo. Well we did raise over 32,000lbs of food so I got my hair cut and Tom got his tattoo.

The last time i got my hair cut this short was in 1991. 

I didn't dig getting my hair cut, but Nancy did a great job.

Tom that looks like it hurts a bit, don't worry as least you are in good hands with Justin.

Now that Tom has his first tattoo, how long will it take to get his second?

Justin at the Raw Canvas did a great job on Tom's new art-work. We want to thank everyone again for the great support at the 13th annual "Homeless for the Holidays" we raised over 32,000lbs of food. Thank You