A neighborhood full of tiny homes may be coming to Durango in spring 2019. The neighborhood has been approved by the Durango City Council.

A neighborhood made up of tiny homes could be completely built and finished by spring 2019. The neighborhood, Escalante Village, is supposed to be 22 houses on 1.77 acres.

The lots for a tiny house will be 20 feet wide and 40 feet deep and they will provide utility hookups, according to the Durango Herald. People have already called 'dibs' on half of the units in the tiny home neighborhood.

The tiny home trend has recently increased in popularity across the United States According to the Durango Herald, here's the reasoning behind the tiny home trend:

One to reduce space needed to live and minimize human impact on the environment.

The homes could be rented for anywhere between $500 to $750 per month. The project could be finished by spring 2019 and will cost approximately $2 million.

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