We've barely made it into November, and people have already begun decorating for Christmas. Turkeys everywhere are ecstatic thinking we skipped Thanksgiving.

Sorry, little guys, we're still gonna stuff ya and eat ya.

We recently asked if it was too early to decorate for Christmas. With the majority saying it was. That's not stopping the other folks from getting their cheer on, right now.

We asked you when you were going to put up your Christmas tree. Here's how it breaks down:

39% of responses said they decorate on Thanksgiving day or Thanksgiving weekend.

21% already have their trees up. Annette T told us on Facebook she already has two trees up, working on numbers three and four. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, she'll have 15. 😳

12% will put theirs up the first week of December. It's said this is the best time, especially if you have a real tree. Plus, it feels more like Christmas in December.

10% say they'll put theirs up sometime before Thanksgiving. While another 10% said "bah humbug" to Christmas trees.

With just 8%, few of you will put them up just before Christmas. That's when we put ours up as kids. Our dad would take us out a day or two before Christmas to get a tree. Then, we'd take it down Christmas day.

Experts say, decorating early for Christmas can make you happier. So who are we to judge?

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