Everyone does Thanksgiving a little bit differently, from the food they eat to what time they eat. After asking on our Facebook, this is what time Grand Junction is eating on Thanksgiving.

I've always enjoyed my Thanksgiving meal sometime in the afternoon, and this year is no different. I'm planning to eat on Thanksgiving around 2 p.m., that way I have plenty of time to cook and relax. (And take a nap and eat some more.)

I asked you this on our Facebook:

And here's what we got in response:

The bird is essential for your Thanksgiving meal. Not only does it contain the tantalizing turkey, but it also has the most important thing inside -- the stuffing.

This isn't a specific time, but more of a time range. Mark has already started celebrating Thanksgiving by eating and plans to eat through Saturday night.

For some reason, this seems extremely early to me. Probably because I know the hours of prep work that go into making a Thanksgiving meal. I'll think I'll stick with eating at my mid-afternoon time.

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