346 avalanches occurred in Colorado between March 1st through the 7th.

Even though the Colorado Avalanche Information Center has moved the high country avalanche danger destinations back from last weeks "High" and "Extreme" to the lesser "Moderate" and "Considerable" doesn't mean the danger is any less. The "Considerable" warning means "Dangerous avalanche conditions. Cautious route-finding and conservative decision-making essential." This warning is in effect for most of the Colorado high country including our neighboring Grand Mesa.

The danger is real and life-threating. Last Thursday, March 7th a backcountry snowboarder was killed in an avalanche in the Crescent Lake area. Did you know that since 1950 Colorado avalanches have killed more people than any other natural hazard? Since 1973 the Colorado Avalanche Warning Center has been issuing forecasts and warnings in a continuing effort to keep Coloradoans informed.

This season's avalanches have been 'historic' according to some. I'm not familiar with the history but 346 in a weeks time sounds like a lot to me. The danger has forced ski resorts to close, blocked roadways, and several persons killed. As I reported last week, Red Mountain Pass remains closed indefinitely after last weekend's attempted avalanche mitigation brought down more snow than anticipated.

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