Last night the Washington Redskins got shafted by the officials as they lost to the New York Giants. With less than two minutes to go in the game, down by seven and no timeouts the Redskins completed a short pass to Pierre Garcon that was short of the first down. That is when another referee mistake not only cost Washington the game but their season.

One referee signaled third down but the linesman called it a first down and they moved the chains. Now you would think the head referee would step in here and make sure the right call is made but no they let Washington run a play that ultimately cost them everything.

Washington thinking they had moved the chains ran a first down play. It was a pass down field but it was dropped at about the New York 30-yard line and that is when the Redskins got shafted.

The officials then corrected their mistake and told Mike Shanahan it was now fourth down. If I were Shanahan I would have blew a gasket. They let Washington run play then said sorry it is now 4th down. There was no explanation other than the officials made a mistake.

Are you kidding me? The officials just decided the out come of the game and all they can say is they made a mistake.

So what will happen to them? Nothing that’s right nothing. Sure the NFL will give them a black mark and they won’t get to do any post season games but that is it. If you or I had made a mistake at work that cost our companies millions, don’t fool yourself that is what happened, we would lose our jobs so fast it would make you mom's head spin.

Right now I will have to say the officials in the NFL are the worst in professional sports.