Detroit Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch will miss the rest of the NFL season after his epic celebration fail on Sunday. Tulloch sacked Aaron Rodgers in the first quarter then tore his ACL when he tried to do the discount double check which ended his season.

Tulloch isn’t the first player to end his season in such a meaningless way. You may recall kicker Bill Gramatica, who tore his ACL while celebrating a field goal for the Cardinals. Gramatica missed the rest of the season for that one.

And who can forget quarterback Gus Frerotte. He made a short run in the first half of a game against the New York Giants and after spiking the ball off the wall he headbutted the wall. He played out the first half but was taken to hospital at halftime.

I’m all for celebrations but maybe some players should wait until after the game because now Stephen Tulloch will make zero plays for the Lions this season.