It’s no secret that I like beer, I like all types and this Saturday at the 3rd annual Beer Festival there are some beers I can’t wait to try.

  • AC Golden Brewing Company

    Golden, Colo.

    Colorado Native Lager

    AC Golden Brewing Company from Golden Colorado will have their Colorado Native Lager on hand. This is an amber lager, brought to life with pale and caramel malts from their famous Moravian 2-row barley.

    They balance the malt with select Chinook, Centennial and Cascade hops for a clean taste; by the way it goes good with a cheeseburger. I will have to stop their booth for this one.

  • Ouray Brewery

    Ouray, Colo.

    Camp Bird Blonde

    As the weather warms up I tend to move from porters and stouts to lighter beers and the Ouray Brewery is bringing a pilsner I want to try.

    The Camp Bird Blonde, it’s described as a light, crisp, slightly sweet dry beer that goes down easy and who doesn’t like a blonde that goes down easy.

    I haven’t tried their Camp Bird Blonde yet but I like their Autum Rye Ale, so the Blonde is on my list to taste on at the Grand Valley Beer Festival.

  • Left-Hand Brewing Company

    Good Juju Voodoo Ale

    Longmont, Colo

    This year at the Grand Valley Beer Festival Left Hand Brewing Company will have their Good Juju Voodoo Ale for tasting and I want to check this one out.

    A malty body with a kiss of ginger has peaked my interest, I like ginger and always make the sushi guy put extra on my plate, plus it has a cool name Good Juju Voodoo and who doesn’t like some good juju.

    Left Hand Brewing
  • Breckenridge Brewing Company

    Breckenridge, Colo

    Vanilla Porter

    Breckenridge Brewery has a great selection of beers, this year at the Grand Valley Beer Festival they are bringing a Vanilla Porter that I will have to check out.

    Now, your classic porter has good chocolate and roasted nut flavor and Breckenridge as added vanilla to the mix.

    How can you go wrong with chocolate and vanilla, yes this is a must try for Mr. Rocker on Saturday.

    Breckenridge Instagram
  • New Castle Brown Ale

    Newcastle, England

    Werewolf Blood Red Ale

    Newcastle Brewery straight from the UK will have their Werewolf Blood Red Ale at the festival.

    This red ale has a malty taste with hints of caramel, and spicy rye. Now, I have not had one of these yet but I love Irish Red Ales and this is high on my list at the beer fest this weekend.

    AZBump, Flickr