The residents of the small Western Slope town of Rangely, Colorado have transformed this tarnished Rio Grande water tank into a unique musical recording space -- and you can take a listen.

According to, the great acoustics within the 60-foot steel water tank were discovered by Bruce Odland, and since then, it went from a vacant hunk of rust leftover from the 1930s to The Tank Center for Sonic Arts; a destination for artists, performers, musicians and more. The Denver Post reported that it wasn't even legal -- sweet.

As if there is anything cooler than turning something old, deserted and... kind of ugly into something really beautiful -- but this story gets even better. A few years ago, the town saved the Tank from being sold for scrap metal by using Kickstarter. That's like, straight out of a movie. You can still donate to The Tank today.

Take a listen to some of the eerie, haunting and beautiful sounds from within the Tank (it has its own Soundcloud where you can hear it all).

Want to know even more about The Tank Center for Sonic Arts? Check out photos on its Instagram, or read up at, The Denver Post or Atlas Obscura, where we first heard about The Tank.

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