The Maroon Bells Scenic Area could be accessible weeks ahead of schedule.

Back in April, the Aspen-Sopris Ranger District speculated it would be mid-June before the road to the Maroon Bells Scenic Area would be open. Now, after two weeks of snow and avalanche debris removal, a new tentative date of May 24th is what the crews are shooting for. Of course, that would be in time for the Memorial Day weekend. Typically, the opening date is and around mid-May.

As you may recall, the road was buried by several slides along a 7-mile stretch from T-Lazy-7 Ranch to Maroon Lake. The road is completely impassible. It was covered under several feet of snow, tree trunks, and other debris.

Now, the Maroon Bells Scenic Area could be accessible four weeks ahead of schedule. US Forest crews have been working long hours on the Pitkin County Road and Bridge trying to clear the debris blocking the Maroon Creek Road. “We have spent the last two weeks working hard to clear the road,” so says Pitkin County Road and Bridge manager, Scott Mattice. “Even with available staff and equipment focused on getting the road open as quickly as possible, it isn’t realistic for us to think we can match our mid-May opening of last year.” Work began to open the road back on May 1st.


Even if the Forest Service is able to clear the road by May 24th. Aspen-Sopris Ranger District says persons accessing the area for early June should prepare for winter conditions at Maroon Lake as there will still be significant snow on the trails.

Credit: Fox31

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