We recently played a Grand Junction style 'Would You Rather?," and the results are in. Let's take a look at what Grand Junction would rather do, and it's pretty surprising.

  • 71% agree with me in saying they'd rather live in Grand Junction 100 years ago versus 100 years from now.
  • 71% say they'd eat Palisade Peaches for the rest of their life over Olathe Corn. This is surprising to me, I'd rather live with something salty for the rest of my life.
  • 60% say they'd rather climb Mt. Garfield barefoot than skinny dip in the Colorado River and to that I say -- what is wrong with you?! Just take your clothes off and get it over with.
  • 84% say they'd rather hang out on the Mesa in shorts/tanktop/flip flops and I can't stand the thought of being cold so I choose the snowsuit.
  • 75% said they'd rather lose their cell phone in the Colorado River than their keys. I'm pretty sure my cell cost more than getting some spare keys, so I say keys.
  • 53% say show me the money and would rather be rich and have their enemy rule Grand Junction versus poor and rule it themselves. It's a pretty close call.
  • 50/50 for living in a tent on the Grand Mesa with all your friends and family or living in the biggest house in Grand Junction, alone. Seriously guys? Material possessions don't mean anything to me compared to my peeps.
  • 77% of Grand Junction goes for free Bin Burgers for life instead of Taqueria Guadalajara tacos. If only I could have them both.
  • 58% say they'd rather drive 55 mph on I-70 for the rest of their life instead of catching every green light on Hwy 6&50 -- but why? Give me the green light.

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