I realize it's almost Thanksgiving, but first, some Halloween leftovers.

Last month I became aware of a movement seeking to move the celebration of Halloween to the last Saturday of October. Keeping trick or treating on the weekend would mean easier times for moms and dads, and kids don't have to be out on a school night.

The argument seemed to make sense to me, though it doesn't stir up strong feelings inside. After all, kids have been trick or treating on Halloween for decades and everything has seemed fine for all these years.

But, it made me curious. What would people in the Grand Valley think about moving Halloween to the last Saturday of the month?  That sort of thing works for plenty of other holidays, why not Halloween.

Like I said, I realize it's almost Thanksgiving and it's time to move on to the next celebration. But, I noticed my poll got a lot of interaction from our listeners and so I felt it necessary to share the results.

I thought the voting might be close, but, boy, was I wrong. A whopping 61% of voters said no, leave Halloween alone and keep it on October 31. Those in favor of moving Halloween comprised 28% of the vote total, while another 10% were undecided.

Here are some of the comments.

"If that's the case,  you might as well make sure Christmas is on a weekend as well."

"Absolutely, NOT."


"Oh, heck  yes!"

It looks like Halloween won't be moving anytime soon in the Grand Valley. If you didn't get a chance to vote, the poll is below. If there is significant additional response, I will provide another update.

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