While looking for old scary places around Grand Junction, I found out the legend of Grand Junction's "Satan's House."

I've heard quite a few stories about Satan's House.

One story says that the house was on a pear farm, and the owner of the house's wife was cheating on him, so he set it on fire, killing them both.

According to Phillip's Facebook comment, only a stone or concrete frame was left, and certain residents began performing witchcraft and rituals in the house. If you've ever seen a horror movie, you know that this kind of backstory always leads to the house being haunted.

Another story I've heard is that it was located on North Avenue, in the lot where O'Reilly Auto Parts is currently, and that teenagers would go there to party in the 90s. However, others have said that the house was on a hill off of 21 Road.

While stories vary, everyone that I've heard from has talked about "the pit," a hole in the ground that led to the creepiest part of Satan's House; the basement. One person told me that rumor has it that satanic sacrifices were held there. Phillip on Facebook said that it was a dare to crawl through the hole to access the basement.

The house was not only surrounded by creepy urban legends but was also, according to Jenni's Facebook comment, a "dance hall." She went on to say that she didn't understand why it was used as a dance hall because it was so small, but by many accounts, Satan's House was a popular spot for parties in the 90s, despite its alleged sordid history.

Perhaps to the dismay of today's wild partying teenagers, Satan's House was torn down years ago, but the legend remains one that will live in Grand Junction forever.

If you have other stories about Satan's House, or even old photos from back in the day, please share them with us.

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