A few weeks ago Colorado celebrated 5 years of recreational marijuana sales. The debate rages on, will Grand Junction ever get in the game?

Last year recreational and medical marijuana sales brought in nearly 200 million dollars in tax revenue statewide. Metros across the state are using that revenue to improve schools, roads, and other improvement projects. Is now the time for Grand Junction to take action and cash in?


Recreational weed stores are creeping ever closer to Grand Junction. Palisade is now in the game. Which town will give the go-ahead next? If Fruita or another town within a few miles approves sales will it then be too late for Grand Junction?


Both Palisade and De Beque are within the county lines and voters there agreed to legalize sales. De Beque apparently was hurting for additional revenue and that was a solution for them. The financial crunch may not be as tight here but lost revenue is indeed that, lost.


For now however, Ordinance 11 will remain in place until someone challenges the issue or gathers enough signatures to petition action to legalize sales. The clock is ticketing and the dollars are slipping away.

Credit: KJCT8

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