It's gonna be a rough year for gas prices. Lucky for us, we live in one of the greatest places in the U.S.A. in Western Colorado where you don't have to go very far to find some really neat things to see.

Have you ever spent a weekend on the amazing trails up in Glade Park? I've got a handful of places I wanted to visit there and started checking off my list this weekend with a trip up beyond the Colorado National Monument to Miracle Rock.

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Where Is Miracle Rock in Western Colorado?

Miracle Rock sits just off of DS Road in Glade Park. Look for a gravel road turn off at 9 & 8/10 Road that says "Miracle Rock Picnic Area".

Find Hidden Gems All Over Glade Park, Colorado

If you are going to head to Miracle Rock you are also going to be very close to some other places that are worth stopping at as well. From Miracle Rock, you are minutes away from the trailhead to Little Delores Falls. A series of small waterfalls form pools between them called the Potholes. Rough Canyon Loop is also near Glade Park if you are looking for a longer hike in this area.

How Big Is Miracle Rock in Glade Park, Colorado?

Miracle Rock is HUGE! It is said to weigh over 12,000 tons. 24,000,000 pounds of sandstone somehow just standing up overlooking this peaceful canyon. Scroll through the photos below as we hike up the trail and take a closer look.

The Awesome Trail to Miracle Rock in Glade Park, Colorado

Take the ride up to Glade Park, Colorado, and see the incredible Miracle Rock

Bangs Canyon Recreation Area: Mica Mine Trail

Take a day to visit the Bangs Canyon Recreation Area just south of Grand Junction, and East of the Colorado National Monument. Here you'll find some great hiking, biking, OHV trails, Jeep trails, horseback riding, and tons of fun things to do. For an easy hike that shows off the scenery check out the trail to the old Mica mine in Ladder Canyon.

PHOTOS: The Amazing View at Highline Lake State Park in Loma, Colorado

We walked around Highline Lake State Park to celebrate the official end of winter on the Western Slope. To visit the park in Loma, Colorado, you will need a State Parks Pass. If you don't have one a day pass can be purchased at the entrance for $10 per vehicle.

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