After 127 days, the 416 wildfire is finally out.

With the help of recent rains, the US Forest Service has declared the 416 Fire “controlled”. The declaration was made Friday afternoon. Moisture from the slow-moving remnants of Hurricane Rosa helped extinguish the last of the flames of one of Colorado's largest and longer-lasting wildfires.

The fire located north of Durango started back on June 1st. After two months of grueling work firefighters finally "controlled" the blaze. That means "there is no longer an active fire and no hot spots near the containment lines." Now, two months later the wildfire that consumed nearly 54,000-acres, is finally officially "under control."

The fire does continue to smolder in a few spots. The continued rains should keep any flareups in check. However, even with the rain, it may be a couple more months before the fire is completely extinguished.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. The Forest Service it will likely take a couple months to fully understand what started the blaze.

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