Big changes are coming to Hanging Lake in 2019.

95 Rock personality Alicia Selin made the hike up to Hanging Lake last weekend. Read more about her adventure by clicking HERE. I was envious because I have yet to make the trip to this iconic Colorado landmark. If you're like me and need to take in this beautiful site, you may want to before next spring.

As I've written before, in May of 2019 the US Forest Service and City of Glenwood Springs plan to require a shuttle ride and will execute a fee-based reservation system. This new system will also limit the number of visitors to 615 people per day, year-round.

The wildly popular hike just off of I-70 near Glenwood Springs has run into issues over the years including overcrowding, people talking their pets to the lake which is not allowed, to having people getting in the water and other shenanigans that have resulted in damage to the areas sensitive ecosystem. The Forest Service and City of Glenwood Springs say they had no choice but to limit the traffic in an effort to “protect resources, manage congestion, improve safety and visitor experience and continue to support local tourism.”

In 2019 from May through November, you'll need to make a reservation, pay a fee, and ride the shuttle to the trailhead. In the off-season, you'll be able to access the site with their own vehicle but will still be required to pay. How much that fee will be or exactly how the shuttle service will work will be announced at a later date.

Credit: 9News

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