Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and let's see what gets to be on Grand Junction's Thanksgiving plate. It's a Thanksgiving throwdown between turkey versus ham.

Turkey has a had a lot of fans throughout the years, but it seems like lots of people are rooting for ham this year. I wanted to know what's on Grand Junction's Thanksgiving plate, so I asked you this:

It's turkey versus ham during this Thanksgiving Throwdown. Let's see what will be on Grand Junction's Thanksgiving plate this year.

Grand Junction was torn between the two, making this a very close call. The winner of the Thanksgiving throwdown is:


Most of Grand Junction says that turkey is what's on their Thanksgiving plate this year. Grand Junction's second choice for what's on their plate is to have both turkey and ham.

I was surprised to see how badly ham lost. Ham was almost tied with miscellaneous foods that somehow ended up in the Thanksgiving throwdown. Some of the foods that will be on Grand Junction's Thanksgiving plate are:

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