Earlier this week it was announced that the popular telecommunications company CentruryLink had overcharged hundreds of thousands of Coloradans and those affected by this news are expected to reimburse.

Colorado's Attorney General Phil Weiser made the announcement on Thursday, July 29th, after an investigation into the company's practices and the alleged overcharging of its customers in Colorado. The investigation had been going on since 2019 and after roughly two years, an agreement was reached.

It was found that CenturyLink had "deceptively overcharged customers for services" and is now liable to send checks to make things right for close to 205,000 customers in Colorado alone.

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Weiser had this to say about the settlement and reimbursements:

 My office is committed to protecting consumers from unfair or deceptive practices. CenturyLink’s deceptive conduct harmed thousands of Coloradans, who are entitled to trust that the prices they are quoted for services are the prices they will pay. For those consumers overcharged by CenturyLink, I am pleased that we are able to return some of the money that was unfairly taken from them.

It's unclear as to when customers will receive these checks, but this is also not the first time that the company in question has been caught doing shady business.In fact, CenturyLink was also caught overbilling customers and violating consumer protection laws costing the company payment of $1.7 million as well as another payment of nearly $6.8 million, respectively.

The investigation and the subsequent cost to the company began with close to 500 complaints from customers about being overcharged.

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