A 19-year-old slid and fell on a steep, snow-covered area in Rocky Mountain National Park.

A young female vacationing with her family from Missouri slipped and fell in Rocky Mountain National Park on Tuesday he 16th. Park rangers reported she lost her footing on a snow-covered and steep portion of the park near the upper Andrews Creek area. After slipping she fell nearly 80 feet down landing on some rocks below.

A park Search & Rescue Team was dispatched. Upon arrival at about 3:30 that afternoon it was apparent she had numerous injuries and was suffering from hypothermia. The team provided medical care at the scene, however, they decided that because of their remote location, and the seriousness of her injuries, they requested help from a Colorado National Guard helicopter.

The helicopter was able to finally extricate the teen with a hoist at about 8 PM. She was flown to a meadow near the Upper Beaver Meadows trailhead. There she was transferred to an ambulance that took her to a local hospital emergency room.

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