Fathom Events

An Epic Returns To Junction
This summer starts with a trip back 45 years and the anniversary release of one of the greatest films of all time, The Godfather. Sunday, June 4th and Wednesday, June 7th catch this epic film once again at The Regal Canyon View 14.
Here Comes The Bandit
40 years ago a movie about a beer run made history. This weekend Smokey and the Bandit makes it way back into the theaters. Catch it here in Junction at The Regal Canyon View 14.
Take Her Out Wednesday Night
If you missed it Sunday, there's another chance to take her where she wants to go...right into Johnny's arms.  Wednesday is the final screenings of the Dirty Dancing 30th-anniversary special.
Guaranteed Sex
"Guaranteed" may be a bit of a stretch but I'm confident that if you take the wife or girlfriend to see the special 30th Aniversary screening of Dirty Dancing, she will "love" you for it.