Christmas Lights

Blue Light Special
Monday evening, in the middle of the heavy snowfall, I was driving east on I-70 when I witnessed a strange blue glow in the distance. My first thoughts were a UFO must have landed. Nope, it's a Christmas light display.
The Best Christmas Light Display
This just might be the best Christmas light display I have ever seen. It is the annual holiday display at the Bath Business Improvement District in England and all I can say is wow what a killer light show.
Brighton has an Unusual Theme to Their Christmas Lights
Sometime people have a themes with their holiday light displays like joy to the world or peace on earth well Brighton has a little different take on their Christmas lights. I would say the crew who hung the lights had a little more than peace on earth on their minds when they put them up.
Slayer Christmas Light Show Dedicated to Jeff Hanneman
This may be the most impressive metal Christmas light show we've ever posted. Paying tribute to late Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman, a dedicated metalhead took the time to put together a phenomenal light show using a medley of Slayer anthems including 'Hell Awaits,' 'Angel of Dea…