Monday evening, in the middle of the heavy snowfall, I was driving east on I-70 when I witnessed a strange blue glow in the distance. My first thoughts were a UFO must have landed. Nope, it's a Christmas light display.

The falling snow only enhanced the blue glow from the lights so no, I wasn't high when I first thought "UFO landing." It was either that or possibly a train derailed and some high tech toxic blue chemical spilled and was lighting the night sky.

"Wow, that's lots of blue lights!" Oh, I get it now. It must be some type of drive-through light display. Perhaps, raising money for a local charity or something. Wrong again. I was told it's a private residence.

Again, I'm sure most of you already know all about this, but it was new to me so I drove out for a closer look. How long did it take to put up these lights anyway? What's their December utility bill? It's amazing for sure. I hope you like the color blue. Merry Christmas and enjoy this blue light special holiday display!



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