A front range construction site Triceratops dig has yielded a surprise T-Rex tooth.

I've always been a dinosaur fan. I was one of those kids that knew most of their names and had dozens of dinosaur toys displayed around my bedroom. On a family vacation to Califorina, I insisted we stop at the Dinosaur National Monument even though it wasn't part of our planned route.

Museum workers discovered the T-Rex tooth while excavating for more Triceratops bones and artifacts at a Thornton construction site. Construction workers digging at the location of a new Police and Fire station noticed a bone sticking out on August 25th. They shut down the machinery and contacted The Denver Museum of Nature & Science. So far, they've found most of a triceratops skull, some horns, jaw bones, vertebraes, and other odd bones.  They're not excepted to find much more. Most bones were drug off by scavengers, which it appears what the T-rex was doing when his tooth popped loose.

The bones and T-Rex tooth will be analyzed, prepared, and finally displayed at the museum sometime in the future. That process is expected to take a year or longer.

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