The small town of Springfield, Colorado is functioning right now without a police force. As of the morning of Saturday, July 16, 2022, the entire police force, including the Chief, has resigned.

Does this mean the residents of Springfield are living without any representation from law enforcement? Not at all. The Baca County Sheriff's Department has stepped in to assist.

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Media Release From the Town of Springfield, Colorado

On July 15, 2022, the Baca County Sheriff and Town of Springfield issued a media release. It reads:

On 7/12/2022 both the town and the county were made aware of the imminent resignation of every Springfield Police Department Officer including the Chief. One resignation was effective on 7/13/2022 and the other two become effective on the morning of 7/16/2022.

The media release was signed by Baca County Sheriff Aaron Shiplett and the Mayor of Springfield, Tyler Gibson.

Where To Find Springfield, Colorado

Springfield is located in the southeast corner of Colorado, roughly 122 miles east of Trinidad, 30 west of the Kansas state line, and 30 miles north of the Oklahoma state line.

Springfield Ciolorado Map
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According to, Springfield, the county seat of Baca County, is home to 1,451 people (per the 2010 Census).

Measures Taken to Maintain Law Enforcement In Springfield

The media release states, "All government officials involved unanimously agreed that the people of the Town of Springfield should expect and rightfully deserve continuous access to quality law enforcement services in this time of turbulence within the Springfield Police Department. " It continues, "In order for the town to have the opportunity and time necessary to seek qualified candidates to staff the now vacant police department while continuing to supply the citizens of Springfield with quality law enforcement services, the Town of Springfield reached a unanimous agreement with the Baca County Commissioners and Sheriff Shiplett on 7/14/2022. The agreement allows the Baca County Sheriff's Office to provide law enforcement services to the Town of Springfield temporarily."

Message to Anyone Planning to Break the Law in Springfield, Colorado

With the absence of a police department, some might conclude this would be a good time to break the law in Springfield, Colorado. The closing paragraph of the media release discourages anyone from making such an assumption.

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