Customers of Sports Authority at Mesa Mall hoping to cash in on the going out of business sale are likely to discover the retail giant is hoarding the real savings for later.

When Sports Authority announced recently it was going out of business and closing all of their stores nationwide, many of us envisioned huge savings on our favorite sporting goods, equipment, and apparel.

The huge savings will probably happen, but who knows when that will be. Right now the "savings" are 10% to 30% off, but mostly what I saw in the store were signs enticing me to buy with a whopping 10% savings.

Let's do some quick math.

Suppose I buy a golf shirt regularly priced at $50. That means I can buy it right now for $45. Wow! To go along with my new shirt I could buy a $25 box of golf balls for just $22.50. And to top it off, I could get a $12 golf glove for just $10.80. Sorry, but that's not a sale.

I guess I will be waiting for the savings that may be coming later. I realize the selection may not be as good then, but that's a chance I'm willing to take. I will also be wondering about all those people I saw in the store standing in line to save their 10%.

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