WARNING: Some NSFW language ahead:

A Colorado politician just released a video for his campaign which uses poop as a metaphor for his opponent's policies.

Who Is This Guy?

I'll be honest, the first thing I thought after seeing this hilarious video was, "Is this guy for real?" After some research, I determined that yes, he is.

The politician is a man by the name of Alex Walker and yes, he is for real. He is apparently seeking to run against Colorado representative Lauren Boebert and is using humor to grab voters' attention.

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He seems to be primarily against Lauren Boebert and her policies as he says, "We are real Coloradans. We deserve a living wage, small government that actually works, and freedom of choice. Instead, we have bullsh*t," in the video.

A Real Colorado Political Ad

Despite how ridiculous the video is and the fact that it uses naughty language, it is, in fact, a real political ad. The video shows regular people enjoying a typical Colorado day doing things like washing a car, having a picnic, and shopping for Palisade peaches. However, the peaceful day soon turns to poop.

The Coloradans are then met with a storm of feces which looks like a scene out of a war movie. The "hero" of the video, candidate Alex Walker then shows up and asks the rhetorical question of who it is that is behind all of this.

A Jab at Lauren Boebert

The clear enemy in Walker's video is his would-be opponent, Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert. Boebert was sworn into office in 2021 and is known for her pro-second-amendment stance as prior to being in office, she ran a gun-themed restaurant in Rifle, Colorado.

Politics aside, it's difficult not to laugh at Walker's poopy video.

New Colorado Political Ad is Literally Full of Poo Poo

WARNING: Some NSFW language:

Colorado political candidate Alex Walker just released a hilarious campaign ad using actual poop as a metaphor for his opponent Lauren Boebert’s policies.

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